as I collapse

(and algae emerge) Staging bodies in microscopic scale

as I collapse is a speculative dance performance with its point of origin in a collapse in the perception of the world as divided into two: Nature and culture.

In what seems to be an impenetrable darkness, the performance comes to life as millions of microscopic algae illuminate the stage in a glowing response to the dancers’ touch. A concrete, bright image of the human footprint on the planet and a poetic encounter with life of microscopic size.

As I Collapse is a speculative fictional universe that stages bodies in microscopic format and in human size. In an attentive and energetic performance focus is turned to our culturally inherited understanding as being superior to other organisms. Here the boundaries are blurred between visible and invisible, between man and microbe, while the individual disappears into darkness and gets replaced by one luminous united organism.

As I Collapse is the first performance in a trilogy (Mass; 2018), (Extended falls to humanity; 2019), where recoil performance group, from a post humanistic base questions our understanding of humans and of the humane – now and in a hypothetical future.


As I collapse – [and algae emerge]

as I collapse er en spekulativ danseforestilling, der tager udgangspunkt i et kollaps af opfattelsen af, at verden er opdelt i to: Natur og Kultur.
Forestillingen opstår, når millioner af mikroskopiske alger oplyser et tilsyneladende uigennemtrængeligt mørke, som et strålende svar på dansernes berøring. Et konkret, lysende billede på menneskets aftryk på planeten og et poetisk møde med liv i mikroskopisk størrelse.
As I collapse udfolder et spekulativt fiktionsbåret univers, der iscenesætter kroppe i mikroskopisk format og i menneskestørrelse. Den nærværende og energiske scenekunstoplevelse fokuserer på vores kulturelt nedarvede forståelse af at være andre organismer overlegne. Skellet mellem synligt og usynligt, mikro og makro, menneske og mikrobe udviskes, mens individet forsvinder i mørket, og erstattes af én lysende fælles organisme.
As I Collapse er første del af en forestillingstrilogi (Masse; 2018), (Extended falls to humanity; 2019), hvor recoil performance group, fra et post humanistisk udgangspunkt, stiller spørgsmålstegn ved vores forståelse af mennesket og det menneskelige – nu og i en hypotetisk fremtid.

Dansere: Hilde I. Sandvold, Sam Denton, Nelly Zagora,
Edward Lloyd, Joy Kammin
Koreograf: Tina Tarpgaard
Komponist / Forsker: Till Bovermann
Lysdesigner: Minna Tiikkainen
Forskende kunstner / Konsulent : Pei-Ying Lin
Scenograf: Sille Dons Heltoft
Kostumedesignere: Sandra Møller Svendsen & Leanne Nielsen
Dramaturg: Inge Agnete Tarpgaard
Produktionsleder: Viktor K. Magnusson
Lystekniker/Afvikler: Yaw Darko
Producent: Carlos Calvo
PR: Betina Rex
Grafik, foto og video: Søren Meisner
Algepasser: Thorbjørn Findsen
Teknik: Rasmus Cundell

In 2017 recoil performance group presents as I collapse, a choreographic work dealing with sustainability by focusing on communication and interconnectivity across biological diversity. The performance is set as a garden in which the bodies of humans, plants and algae grow. Communication strategies between humans and non humans are made comprehensible through movement, sound and light only; weather it being music generated by plant bio emission or light generated by bio luminescent algae. as I collapse is a performative garden where motion is a purely collective action and by extension the starting point for a choreographic work in which biological material in all scales engage in a sensorial experience of joint movement.

Rethinking the dualism culture/nature

Created by a strong team of artists and scientists, as I collapse offers a renewed discourse on matters of sustainability – this by bringing attention to the precondition for a more sustainable future: our relationship to both ourselves and our surroundings, and by extension our inherited understanding of ourselves as superior to other life forms. as I collapse wants to challenge our understanding of our own biological substance, and our interaction with otherness. The performance poses critical questions to the human assumption of being at the top of evolution, and deals with what a redefinition of this role means – also for the creation of choreography. Presently, new scientific studies are trying to rethink and re-conceptualise the anthropocentric view on the dualism culture / nature. In line with this movement, as I collapse seeks to dissolve the dualism by de-centering the human body in order to enter a balanced and respectful relationship with other living matter.

Teater OM, Ringkøbing (DK) / 25.07-04.08.2016
Kilpisjärvi Biological Station (FI) / 27.09-05.10.2016

Performing at:
Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK) / 22.–24.03.2017
Bora Bora, Aarhus (DK) / 28.–30.03.2017
Teater OM, Ringkøbing (DK) / 03.04.2017
Teater Momentum, Odense (DK) / 06.–07.04.2017

Photos: Søren Meisner /